Services We Provide

Design & Install

Design!!  What we love most of all.  Let's sit together for a while.  We want to hear how you use the kitchen on your usual day, and what happens when the family gathers.  


Are you right or left handed?  Who preps and who cleans?  Do you need a chat area, a tiny desk, lots of spice storage, and a pantry?  What are the flourishes you dream about?

There's so much fun to meeting your expectations. Trouble is, we want to take everybody's kitchen home, they all turn out so wonderful!

Whether full custom or semi-custom, Henley Cabinetry proudly offers cabinetry with a  Lifetime Limited Warranty.  Incredible factory finishes are limited only by colors you can find.


Install!! Only as good as our Class A, licensed and insured staff has provided for years, with a super, cooperative affiliation together.  We know you will smile at our results.


Granite might seem simple at first. 

It is a very strong statement in any kitchen or bath, sometimes taking center stage over the cabinetry.  


This high-end product can be not only complicated, it can be confounding when you are nearing the end of your project, there are hundreds of stone choices with nearly as many price levels.  You need this final item in as soon as the cabinets will allow, because there are the other subs timed for completion.

When you have Henley Cabinetry working for you, you have experts pricing your choices for best outcome in your location.  Design and color advice are our specialty.   You have granite fabricators pleasing not just you, but Henley Cabinetry,  a company who represents them well.


On time, true quality, competitive pricing, and coordination with subs servicing your project, is your fulfilled expectation.

Wow Rooms

Who doesn't enjoy walking into a room - and simply be stopped by that which is in front of you and instantly think to yourself, "Wow!"

It could be as simple as a laundry space you see making your life oh, so much more organized.  How long have you wanted tons of storage in the closet area, all neatly arranged.  It could take the form of an elegant, efficient office, complete with bookshelves, coordinating desk, and lots of hidden storage for the computer materials, your files, your chargers, well you have the picture!   We at Henley Cabinetry delight in creating the vision come true.

Design & Build

Would it all work so much better if a wall was moved, window added, or floor space increased with an addition?  We can do it, all in this one stop showroom! Having worked together for years with our staff contractor,  we are certain we can bring you your vision, and make it so great!  Of course, Henley Cabinetry delights in new friends, so if you prefer, introduce us to your contractor of choice!

Relax in this Country Kitchen Style